Nightlife sector is desperate for aid. | Efe


The Council of Mallorca, through its tourism foundation, is making available 1,310,000 euros of direct aid for nightlife establishments (dance halls, discos) and wholesalers.

The aid will be to a maximum of 3,000 euros per business. In the case of dance halls and discos, if a business had more than one open prior to the state of alarm, it can request a maximum of 6,000 euros for two establishments. Wholesalers were affected by the closure of bars and restaurants. Applications can be made from March 7 through the Ajuts Mallorca website. The Council says that processing of claims will be swift and that payments will be made quickly.

Since December, the Council has been making direct funds available to different sectors, such as restaurants and gyms. The tourism foundation has so far paid 8,817,000 euros in direct aid out of the 23.5 million which had been made available. This total has now increased to 24,810,000 euros.