Palma Aquarium on Instagram: On March 3 the turle returned to sea. | Palma Aquarium on Instagram


A sea turtle that was rescued from the waters of Ibiza in November last year has been returned to the sea.

‘Ula' has been recovering from his injuries at the Palma Aquarium Foundation and a message and video has just been released via Instagram.

The turtle had a major wound near the right eye that healed without any problems, but it was a delicate process. The worst thing was the inflammation of his right fin, which was caused when he got entangled in a net. After treatment, which included massages with almond oil, his fin recovered.

Now that Ula's injuries have healed, he has been returned to the sea where he’ll hopefully be reunited with Nuria, his partner in the recovery centre who was released at the end of January.