3.7 million benefits nationwide. | S. Amengual


Between March last year and February this year, social security in the Balearics processed 79,492 benefits for temporary disability because of coronavirus: 33,330 have been for infection and 46,162 because of self-isolation.

For the whole of Spain, the number of benefits was 3.7 million. An estimated 1,800 million euros have been paid.

A year ago, the Spanish government established that 75% of base salary would be paid for anyone off work because of the virus. The government assumes the cost of this benefit from the first day that someone must be on Covid leave, unlike with common leave, which is after the fifteenth day.

On average, people who have been infected by the virus have been absent from work for 19.43 days. For self-isolation, the average has been 12.61 days.