Holiday season set to start.

Holiday season set to start.

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Mallorca was given a major lift this morning with the announcement that the island was no longer "a risk zone" for German tourists.

The drop in the number of Covid cases across the Balearics led to the announcement this morning which means that German tourists could soon be heading to our shores.

"From this Sunday the islands are considered a safe destination again for the Germans," said a travel source this morning.

British tourists will be unable to travel to the islands until at least May 17.


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Johnf / Hace 7 months

Tourist from Germany will only mean a new lockdown later in the year and Tourist from the UK will do the same we all need to vaccinated before Tourist come back to malllorca


Lisa / Hace 7 months

Hand on heart, I really want Mallorca to start to gain that vital tourist revenue.

This isn’t a moan. I’m really worried. The vaccination level here is so low, the population is not protected. If the international barriers are reopened too early, we will be forced back into lockdown again in those very lucrative tourist months of July and August. It will cost both lives and the economy.

I don’t take this lightly. I have friends who had suffered from Covid and others who have lost businesses and livelihoods.

This is a hideous situation. I am just very concerned that we could very easily be placed in a much worse situation. Government appears not to be guided by the science.


Sherryl / Hace 7 months

Lisa, rather than moaning, be glad the island is finally going to receive some guests and a little of the huge economic damage can recuperated. Or do I detect a little sourness because the germans can yet again put their towels on the sun loungers first?


zaax / Hace 7 months

Flying in a cramped plane with circulated air, what could go wrong


Geoff / Hace 7 months

Mallorca isn't seen as a risk for Germany. Germany should be seen as a risk by Mallorca considering their cases are rising.


Majorca fan / Hace 7 months

Has anyone looked at the case rate curve in Italy which mimics the U.K.s from when the Kent variant became prevalent. The Germany curve is showing a similar move just earlier in the rate of rise. Majorca’s vaccinated <3% it is too risky to allow tourists to travel into the island the infection rate and fatalities will rocket if opened up in Easter.


Rich / Hace 7 months

But are Germans a risk to us and our freedom. If we let them in and it leads to an increase in covid don't expect me to obey any restrictions resulting from it. A few more deaths might encourage Armengol et al to consider their actions. The people will only follow fools for so long. Fine me, put me in jail, we must make a stand against this foolhardy government and its recklessness.


john / Hace 7 months

Totally agree Lisa. We are not ready to accept anyone yet.


TNT / Hace 7 months

crazy , 75 percent of EU countries have increased Corona numbers this week, Germany has increased infections numbers and deaths, but restaurants , hotels and airlines need your money only here , so no problem to throw out all serious precautions . Also what all the travel agents dont tell all the tourists is that here there are still during Easter heavy restrictions on mixing , social distancing, etc. on the islands . My bet Mallorca will have to pay the price for this too early opening in Easter just before main summer holidays, ending in pulling the handbrake and reverse restrictions again. Usual stupidity and impatience with money before health risks .


Lisa / Hace 7 months

So only 2.57 per cent of the population vaccinated and new restrictions for residents over Easter, but hey ho tourists can arrive from Germany.