Dr Fernando Simón, Director, Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts & Emergencies. | Europa Press

The Director of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, or CCAES, Dr Fernando Simón says he’s confident that 70% of the Spanish population will receive the coronavirus vaccine by summer.

"Vaccines will start arriving more frequently and in higher quantities from next month,” he said. “In April there will be a huge increase in the number of people immunised, vaccination targets for those over 80 will be met by the end of this month and I think vaccination of 70% of the general population by summer is very feasible.”

He also spoke out about the Easter restrictions in Mallorca.

“ICU occupancy is similar to the maximum of the second wave and the risk of collapse is greater,” added Dr Simón, who’s confident that people will respond to the coronavirus restrictions saying “the impact of Easter is likely to be less.”

He also said the coronavirus measures at Christmas could have been much stricter.

"The population must understand the risks we are exposed to, it’s a shared responsibility," said Dr Simón who acknowledged that most of the population complies with the restrictions. “Those who can’t or don’t comply with the restrictions are exposed to greater risk of infection and can then transmit the disease to others.”