Fears over summer holidays.

Fears over summer holidays.

11-03-2021Ana Escobar

British ministers have warned that anyone wishing to go abroad on holiday may still be forced to quarantine at home or in a hotel to stop them bringing in mutant strains of the virus, according to press reports this morning.

The Times reports a Whitehall power struggle is underway between those who want to open up and those who are insisting on the quarantine plans.

The move would force people to take an additional two weeks off work, making it impractical for most to travel abroad.

Ministers are concerned the virus is still running rampant across much of Europe, with Italy facing a new lockdown and cases rising in France and Germany.


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Bing / Hace 7 months

I feel nothing but sadness for the Majorcan people. I live in England and I have been vaccinated over a month ago. I am in my mid 50s and my wife will be vaccinated very shortly. We would love to visit your island but it seems that politics is once again the problem. I was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine without any problems at all. More people are dying from the disease than this so-called issue with blood clotting. And yet governments stop using the AstraZeneca vaccine without any scientific evidence of a problem. And yet thousands will die and economies will be destroyed. I was listening to a radio broadcast the other day and a very eminent scientist was asked "what is the best vaccine" and his response was simply "the one you have in your arm". Governments need to stop behaving in this partisan fashion and join the global war on this virus.


john / Hace 7 months

I believe this will be an on-going issue in the next 6 weeks. British government will be watching closely here as Germans arrive here for the Easter period. If the cases go crazy again,they will pull the plug for May until a later date. Either way we have to open for tourism at some point.


John McArthur / Hace 7 months

Majorca is talking about letting the Germans in for Easter but covid is getting out of hand in Germany at this moment, I think they should stop and think again.


Johnf / Hace 7 months

No tourist this year than


Hanser / Hace 7 months

With under 3% of the local population vaccinated, allowing tourists is madness. The few who have had vaccinations are unlikely to have contact with tourists. In the weeks after Easter, COVID will rip through the island like a wildfire and destroy the hopes for summer or autumn seasons.


John D / Hace 7 months

As the summer season gets closer it's really starting to look like there may be no tourists heading to the island again this year. This will be a devastating blow to the islands economy and those who's livelihoods depend on the tourist trade. Yes holiday makers will be disappointed but that's nothing compared to those on the island who will struggle to feed their families and will undoubtedly be facing financial ruin.