Tourists from Germany arriving in Mallorca

Tourists from Germany arriving in Mallorca last June.


Hotels in Mallorca and the Balearics are setting aside up to 30% of their rooms in order to accommodate guests who are not cohabitants. This applies at least until April 11 (and from March 27), the government having decided that guests who are not ordinarily cohabitants cannot occupy the same room.

At Robinson Club Cala Serena, the management says it doesn't want to have any problems with the authorities. Therefore, 30% of rooms will be set aside. There will not be any additional charge. "We want to offer all facilities so that guests can enjoy their stay on the island, complying with the regulations."

German tour operators are informing travel agencies of the Balearic government's requirement, while some hotels will be asking for a "responsible declaration" from guests to state they are cohabitants. This statement is seen as a way of avoiding any possible fines being imposed on hotels. Hotels recognise that this is "not a comfortable situation", especially if bookings were made prior to the government's decision. But they don't want any problems and will wait to see how things unfold when guests arrive.

For hotel staff, there are to be regular antigen tests for both their safety and that of guests. All the health controls inside hotels will be observed to the letter, with daily cleaning for maximum health security in all communal areas as well as in rooms.

Travellers arriving in the Balearics have to present a negative PCR test, and in certain German states there is a need for a negative PCR test on return from the Balearics.


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John Morrison / Hace 10 months

I can’t believe the tourist industry hasn’t thought of introducing two centre holidays! You spend one week or more in your chosen holiday destination and then a week at a ‘closed resort’ back in your own country. Ok a week may not identify all cases of covid or cover all possible scenarios, but wouldn’t it be a sensible and moderate compromise, rather than simply allowing people straight back into the general population? Oh damn- I’ve just seen the flaw in my idea- whose going to want to spend the week back in Margate! Lol.