German tourists arriving in Mallorca

German tourists are arriving in Mallorca.

22-03-2021Teresa Ayuga

Speaking on Monday during a visit to a school in Marratxi, President Armengol recognised that Easter poses a risk and that the government is therefore "working on reducing everyone's mobility".

Asked about any decision that the German government may make regarding tourism, the president stressed that "the Balearic Islands do not have responsibilities for international mobility".

Earlier, the leader of the Partido Popular opposition, Biel Company, attacked the "constant contradictions" of President Armengol regarding tourism. The president has been proposing a "slow de-escalation and a sacrifice of Easter", but then she "invited all Germans" to visit the islands.

Company noted that the Balearics have the least number of immunised people in Spain and the least number among destinations in the Mediterranean. Moreover, Germany has "a worse cumulative incidence than the islands".

Given these facts, "we must ask ourselves if we are prepared from an immunological point of view". As for the vaccination programme, "looking at the data, this has nothing to do with being massive".


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claire / Hace 7 months

Glad to see that someone is finally picking out the contradictions in the Armengol stance. She has no one but herself to blame with the lack of perimeter lockdown for the Baleares. Why did she not hold out for summer? Business has nothing to thank her for. Nor do we unvaccinated masses.


Tom / Hace 7 months

Less than 2 weels ago Armengol and co where posing with Tui and airline ceo s inviting everyone to come from Germany . Now she does a 180 u turn ! And says its very risky during Easter etc . She is inconsistent and putting Mallorca at risk for the rest of the year for the sake of some travel companies !