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Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, has come to the defence of Magalluf following a "disparaging" comment made by the Más Madrid candidate for the Madrid region presidency.

On the day after the May 4 election in Madrid, Monica García of Más Madrid stated that her party will deal with "drunken tourism" in the city of Madrid and "put an end to Madrid being Magalluf". She was referring to the fact that young French people have been travelling to Madrid, where restrictions are more relaxed than in France; bars are open until 11pm.

Rodríguez took to Twitter in inviting García and other members of Más Madrid to visit Magalluf, which is "a renewed and quality destination" and has an "exceptional beach". The mayor's specific mention of the beach is followed by "vaya vaya", which is a reference to a 1989 song which noted that when summer arrives in Madrid, there is no beach.

Más Madrid is a party that split from Podemos and was officially registered in February 2019.