German tourists arriving in Mallorca

Half of Palma's flights are from Germany.

01-04-2021Patricia Lozano

On Thursday, 54 flights from German airports to Palma's Son Sant Joan are scheduled. These are just over half the total number of arriving flights - there are 102 in all.

The flights, operated by several airlines, are from airports across Germany - Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich and elsewhere. Palma has 107 flights scheduled to depart on Thursday, and 56 of these are to German airports.

While German tourists continue to arrive in Mallorca, data from Palma-based TravelgateX suggest that there have been cancellations. Since Tuesday, travellers arriving back in Germany have to present a negative PCR test. Between March 31 and April 6, according to TravelgateX, 32% of arrivals in Mallorca have been cancelled.

Without quoting figures, Tui have said that bookings for Mallorca are still being made but that these are not at the same high level as they were immediately after the German government lifted its advice against travel to Mallorca and the Balearics in mid-March.


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Harvey / Hace 10 months

How on earth are we to stop covid when planes full of holiday makers arrive on the island?


Leo / Hace 10 months

Now it is gradually sinking in.


Roger / Hace 10 months

The Balearic Islands are being used and abused by German airlines and tour operators for their own gains and against the advice of their Owen government, but the government here does not see it because, at least for some days, it diverts the attention of the tourism and hospitality sector...but does it ultimately restore the Balearics tourism positioning ...NO....and will it lead to greater sustainability and economic prosperity....NO....but as we have seen for more than 1 year now, the politicos here have no regard (no intellect) for tourism / economic expertise and will continue to play their political games at the expense of the greater population.