Can Pere Antoni Beach, Palma.

05-04-2021Youtube Última Hora

Police evacuated hundreds of people from Can Pere Antoni beach and sanctioned 67 at the weekend.

There were also raids on home parties, family reunions and crowds in parks, plazas and public beaches as crowds of people gathered for Easter.

Police clearing Can Pere Antoni Beach

On Friday and Saturday, Alazán Group Officers, Patrulla Verde and Inspectors had to bring in Security Brigade reinforcements to help them evict more than 700 people from Can Pere Antoni beach.

Police received a flood of complaints from neighbours about crowds of people, not wearing masks and not social distancing.

Officers used loudspeakers to inform those on the beach about the danger of non-compliance and asked them all to leave immediately.

Police issued 67 sanctions for not wear masks and breaking social distancing rules.

In the last 48 hours, 31 interventions have been carried out at bars, restaurants, cafes and private parties and Police have sanctioned 276 people, for non-compliance with Covid measures, mostly for socialising with groups of non-cohabitants and licence issues.

Numerous sanctions were issued for illegal parties with large amounts of people at houses in Carrer Francesc Pi i Margall, Camí de la Muntanya, Camí Real and Carrer de Melicotoners and another 18 people were sanctioned at a farm.

Police clearing Can Pere Antoni Beach


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Ana Lopez Gonzales / Hace 10 months

It’s official, we now live in a totalitarian police state on the verge to dictatorship.

When the police where stopping people on the road today in the cars, I was assuming they where doing drug or and alcohol test to avoid drunk driving. But No. they where checking so that people where wearing facemasks if you where from 2 households in the car!!!!! This is turning in to a witch hunt.