German Journalist, Sascha Winkel. | Alejandro Supulveda

The German doctor at the centre of the alleged negative PCR test scandal in Mallorca has been named as Dr R. and he reportedly works at a Medical Centre in Santanyi.

Dr R. allegedly gave German tourists a negative PCR certificate so that they could fly back to Germany, but did not perform the tests.

"Six days before travelling to Mallorca to do the report, allegations about irregular certificates reached the newsroom. Shortly after that I went for a consultation in person and after talking to the doctor for a while, I managed to get a certificate issued without any tests,” explains German Journalist, Sascha Winkel, who broke the story.

Winkel travelled from Lisbon to Palma on Wednesday to give a statement to Police and hand over all the documentation requested. He was accompanied by an RTL Life Television cameraperson and left Police Headquarters after about an hour.

The Editor of the ‘Menschen, Momente, Geschichten’ television programme, which was broadcast on the German RTL Life channel, has also given Police the hidden camera recordings made by the Producer and officially named the Doctor at the centre of the scandal in a written statement.

Two cohabiting relatives who were interviewed for the tv programme, claim the doctor performed an antigen test on one, but allegedly issued a certificate for the other without performing a test.

The Head of the National Police Technological Crimes Group and the Head of the Guardia Civil Judicial Police are now in charge of the investigation and are expected to analyse the recordings and documentation provided by Sascha Winkel.

A statement will also be taken from Dr R. who was allegedly charging 80 euros for the bogus certificates.


A doctor inside the Medical Centre in Santanyí where Dr R. works chose not to open the door to the media or to a German citizen who arrived for a consultation with two children.

Neighbours claim that in previous days there were long queues of foreigners waiting for antigen and PCR tests.