Tourists in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Vaccination not the only aspect for reviving tourism.

13-04-2021Teresa Ayuga

The leader of the opposition, Biel Company of the Partido Popular, insisted in parliament on Tuesday that more vaccines are needed and proposed that the Balearic government considers buying its own.

Competing destinations such as Greece and Italy, Company said, are more advanced in their vaccination and are transforming their islands into "fortresses for controlling the virus". "Society can no longer put up with more restrictions and more curfew when it should be a case of more vaccines."

Responding to Company, President Armengol argued that 70% of the population will not need to have been vaccinated by June in order to reactivate tourism. She accepted that the delivery of vaccines and the process of vaccination both need to be accelerated, but stated that tourism reactivation will also depend on the health situation in the foreign tourism markets, on the level of vaccination of vulnerable people and on stability within the health service.

Armengol added that maintaining restrictive measures will keep the health situation under control and make it possible to have a tourist season.


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Zoe / Hace 9 months

and so far under 15%!


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Sra. Amengol, stop bowing down to the Hoteliers Federation's wishes please. We want tourism back, but when it's safe for us, which means no less than 100% vaccinated here. We know you've had yours of course..... ......


James w / Hace 9 months

This government think people want to spend good money on restrictions. People will go for value for money and the less restrictions possible. For example wearing a mask outside in the fresh air is ridiculous. But the Spanish government are obsessed with this restriction with little scientific research. I've lived here 18 years. I don't advise anybody to spend there hard earned money and savings here. It's depressing because of the total negative impact of this government. Go to the Canaries or Greece.