Attract holiday bookers.

Attract holiday bookers.,

16-06-2020- EFE

The Balearics are going on the offensive. The local government announced this morning that they would be launching a massive promotion campaign in Britain and Germany in an effort to attract holiday bookers.

Despìte the uncertainty involving holidays to the Balearics from Britain the local government wants to push ahead with their promotion drive which will remind would-be tourists in Britain and Germany about the joys of the islands.

The Balearic government remains upbeat over the summer season saying that the islands will be one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean this summer.

At the moment British travel giant Jet2 has put holidays on hold to June while rival TUI wants to restart on May 17, when international travel from Britain could be allowed.


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Tom / Hace 9 months

Pls all go to malta or other places as Mallorca does not need all the EU tourists nor want excessive amounts of tourists . By the way no matter where you go there will be restrictions for years and you all will need to be vaccinated at least every 6 months on average ! . Those countries that are lax to soon to simply attrack tourists will pay a high price time and time again . See Germany , India , Poland etc ...


JohnG / Hace 9 months

Yes. Greece is getting my Euros this year despite Armengol’s assumptions that Tourists will be flocking back to “ her “ island despite only a pathetic 5% vaccination effort. Simples...


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Bad idea. Save the money, and spend it on getting us all vaccinated here, - tourism will follow automatically..


Stephen / Hace 9 months

Wonder where they are getting the money from a complete waste of someone’s cash. They just don’t get it. Even Brits with properties in Majorca will not be returning until Majorca and the EU has caught up to British vaccination levels. So see you in 2022 or will that be 2023.


Roger / Hace 9 months

It appears as if in the eyes of the Balearic government that the only countries that have tourists are Germany and UK!! beggars belief that they are so narrow minded and inept...but having seen their performance for some time now its actually not surprising.


Majorca fan / Hace 9 months

I have to agree with Lisa and Mr B. Most Brits know where Majorca is and what type of holiday and resort the want to enjoy. Some island politicians have assumed that visitors will accept restrictions this year as an alternative to the island’s population and external visitors being vaccinated. I’m sorry they won’t. Greece, Portugal and particularly Malta are pushing hard for the U.K. pound this year. In comparison for a safe and near normal holidays experience the island is way behind the ball. The U.K. is returning to the nearest thing to normal by June.Majorca needs to come close to that state to get its fans back spending. Good luck with that and hope to visit september.


Roger / Hace 9 months

Another complete waste of money...the population that love Mallorca would much prefer the government to be spending their money on making the Balearic Islands safer and better than when when they last visited...and government has been advised of this....however as all politicians become experts in everything when they get get elected, and quite obviously refuse to accept any advice, they continue to spend public money on initiatives that massage their egos but are not necessarily of any real economic value.


Blackadder / Hace 9 months

Yep, concentrate the money on Vaccinations, I won’t consider coming back if I have to wear face masks out and about in resort in 30 degree heat, not a problem in shops etc.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

As a communications and PR specialist - spend the money on vaccinations!!!

That’s the only message potential tourists want to hear.