Bar interiors remain closed for now. | Jaume Morey

On Thursday, the Balearic parliament's tourism and employment committee rejected a request to ask the government to reopen all bar and restaurant interiors in light of a ruling to do with this by the High Court in the Basque Country.

Vox presented this proposal with the support of El Pi, Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular. There was also a demand for compensation for losses incurred due to the closure of bar and restaurant interiors and a call for the Spanish government to provide 12,500 million euros in direct aid for the hospitality industry, with the Balearics to receive a minimum of 1,300 million euros.

Jorge Campos of Vox said that the government left-wing parties had rejected the opening of establishments on political and non-health grounds. He added that owners had invested in equipping their interiors but were still not allowed to open them.