FFP2 Masks being manufactured in Marratxí. | Pere Bota

FFP2 face masks are now being manufactured in Mallorca. Protección Sanitaria Balear has installed specialist machinery from the Italian company, DM Packaking Group at a warehouse in Marratxi and expects to make 750,000 masks a month.

"This is the most modern mask factory in Spain," says Ricardo Alonso, who’s invested 1.5 million euros in the project.

The company originally planned to open the factory at the beginning of this year, but the schedule was delayed because of the harsh restrictions in Italy.

"This company has set up factories all over the world: from Dubai to Israel and Germany," says Alonso, who highlighted the urgent need for personal protective equipment around the world due to the pandemic.


The Italian engineers installed the machinery on Tuesday and production began immediately.

"We don't have prices yet, but the idea is to cover production and personnel costs," explains Alonso. “By manufacturing in Mallorca we avoid intermediaries and commission agents who inflate prices. We have to get rid of the middle man and sell at a fair price, then everyone wins."

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A shortage of PPE equipment in the first months of the pandemic sparked an urgent need for local production.

"We can't depend on Asia, we need masks with all the guarantees and certificates and this factory is another step towards changing the economic model in the Balearic Islands," said Alonso.

Cotton bales at Marratxí factory.

The FFP2 masks are made with three types of cotton from Europe and have a ‘Made in Mallorca’ guarantee.

"We have enough raw material in our warehouse to last for four months if there is a new confinement," he adds.

The factory has fully sterilised rooms and to ensure that the masks are bacteria-free and production will continue 24 hours a day.

“We will be using masks for at least four more years, FFP2 has come to stay,” insists Alonso.


The masks will be used in public hospitals in the Balearic Islands and will be available to distributors and Alonso says Mallorcan Hoteliers in Chile and Mexico have already placed orders.

Protección Sanitaria Balear employees with Ricardo Alonso (right).