Heading to a Mallorca beach.

Heading to a Mallorca beach.


The Balearics looks set to escape tougher restrictions on travel being imposed by the British government to fight Covid.

Speculation within the British travel industry says that the Balearics could be placed on the "green list" because of its low rate of Covid but the Spanish mainland will be on "amber" which would mean that returning British tourists would have to quarantine. The British government will introduce a traffic light system.

Britain's travel traffic light system

If the move is confirmed it would be a major boost for the Balearics because British tourists would only need PCR tests to travel.

“Last year, the Spanish and Greek islands were given a lower-risk rating than the mainland and that could happen again this year,” according to the report, which is said to be “circulating within industry circles,” the President of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Mark Tanzer said.


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Ian Birtwistle / Hace 7 months

Too early to speculate.

I don't think Spanish authorities will stop internal vacations though for the summer. In and out PCR testing should continue?

Inward tourism should be judged on the status of the countries covid and vaccination stats. The EU and UK we can see cannot be viewed as a whole. Currently the numbers are more encouraging in the UK so we should be less worried and welcome UK visitors with the precaution of a PCR test or covid passport.


Janet / Hace 8 months

Travel the world, meet new people, and infect their unvaccinated population with covid. Mallorca, stand up for your resident population.


Lisa / Hace 8 months

The UK have stated the ‘green list’ rules - including the destination countries have to have a local population with a vaccination rate of 50 per cent.

The Balearic Islands is currently on five.

Do the math ... unless there is radical change - this won’t happen.


Rich / Hace 8 months

Once we've all had our experimental mix of doses we should be okay! Will we get 2 vaccine passports? When you rush things have a tenancy to go wrong.


George / Hace 8 months

Once again the aviation companies are spouting lies... the Balearics arnt being considered as a seperate situation... last year they said they would consider it if mainland Spain wernt able to enter.. but whilst we have people from mainland and Germany coming in the uk won’t be happy about allowing their own to enter.


Alan / Hace 8 months

It's totally irrelevant to us the colour of the light in the UK, we can't have tourists here until we're all vaccinated, end of...


John Law / Hace 8 months

I don't see the point here, is our government really going to start letting tourists in before we've been vaccinated ? That's lunacy surely ?