Extended hours for bar and restaurant terraces. | Archive

Alfonso Robledo, president of the restaurants association within the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, said on Tuesday that the Balearic government has made a series of proposals regarding measures that apply to bars and restaurants.

Revised measures are due to come into force for a fifteen-day period from this coming Monday (April 26). The government is not contemplating the opening of bar and restaurant interiors, but it is proposing that terrace spaces are increased "without obstructing pedestrians"; that there is 100% capacity of terraces; and that opening hours are extended to 9.30pm (half an hour before the curfew starts).

Robledo explained that the opening-hours extension would still entail closure at 5pm but that terraces could reopen at 7pm for serving dinner. The reason for the 5pm closure and the two-hour gap is concern about the so-called "tardeo" (a late afternoon booze-up, if you like).

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The restaurants association's president reiterated the demand for interiors to be allowed to open, as "there are many businesses which do not have terraces". He advocated opening interiors with a reservations' system like the one that operates in Galicia.