Easing of restrictions.

Easing of restrictions.


The good news is that bars and restaurants will be allowed to open their terraces for dinner but the bad news is that they can only do so on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. At the weekend they will have to close at 5p.m. and not re-open.

Under new rules which the Balearic government is expected to announce tomorrow, the curfew will be at 11p.m. rather than 10p.m. starting this Saturday. Starting from Monday bars and restaurants will be allowed to re-open in the evening from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. But the government has decided to bar weekend late opening.

One restarant owner told the Bulletin; "most of our takings are at the weekend, so this new legislation is pointless..."


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Gabriel / Hace 9 months

Isn't the fact that in January we had 900 new cases a day, they closed the bars (visits were still allowed) and the numbers went down to 25 beginning of March? Isn't that proof enough where the problem is?


Juan love / Hace 9 months

Paul - I'm sure they do, considering there are no staff in your home to tell you to (occasionally), wear masks, and not sit so close together, as well as the Spanish tendency to have so many family get togethers.

This would also explain why the cases in Spain have always been so high.

This would also


Martin / Hace 9 months

Why are you showing a picture of people drinking pints I’ve never seen a Mallorca in a bar with a pint ?.


Paul / Hace 9 months

@juanlove. I’d wager people behave more in line with the regulations in bars than they do behind closed doors at home. People are in shops touching everything I sight, traveling from all over the island to mingle and spread the virus.


Juan love / Hace 9 months

Jason Jenkins - And where exactly did you get your info. from regarding Bars / restaurants aren't high risk areas!? There is nothing whatsoever ANYWHERE to say this.

Enclosed, packed areas with people eating / drinking extremely close together with no personal space (as with many Spanish establishments) and with little or no soap in the public toilets (not that people use it when it is available), is not a problem?... How about using a little common sense and imagination instead of anything that shouldn't have to state the obvious in the first place?

You are a Bar owner I assume?


Jason Jenkins / Hace 9 months

Who dreams up these ridiculous ideas ?? Rates of infection from bars and restaurants is proven not to be the problem. Murcia for example, has last month increased opening hours from 10pm until 11pm. They have had the 10pm closing time for many months. The infection rate there is lower than that of the Balearics, proving these licensing hours are a total nonsense.


sayhi / Hace 9 months

will people make government accountable or just stay silent? what is this proposal? I dont own a restaurant or bar but this is just insane and something more sinister is going on... under the numbers they requested per capita well below and still restrictions... big shops open, full capacity super markets open, hotels open inside until midnight and they offers 100's even thousands of bars some crumbs.... shocking.. protest required


tom / Hace 9 months

Could nt agree with you more Roger. Only the good restaurants with good food and service will and should survive. On economic diversity . dont expect anything new or different other than this government will drop its pants when ever the airlines, hotels and gastronomic industries cry loudly , as they have bene doing all through the pandemic , while all other industries have been more or less completely neglected by the government here. Apart from begging the EU and Madrid for billions of Euros and pushing over tourism , they dont have much else as a concept for the future.


Roger / Hace 9 months

I suggest that, given the overall situation, anything is better than nothing, especially considering that many restaurants serve an inferior product served by inferior staff. Having patronised many restaurants last year (within the rules and regulations) who provide great food with great service, they will will survive and prosper this year too....those who have an elevated opinion of their product will suffer....but given that we have an excess of supply over demand that is not such a problem other for than for those people working for inferior standard suppliers......this is where the Balearic economy must (and is currently not) considering economic diversity that will enable lots of people to get better quality jobs in over sectors.....but as we have seen political ideology is more important than economic and social pragmatism!!!