Covid test needed.

Covid test needed.

07-01-2021Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

One vaccination jab will be enough to send you on holiday to Mallorca this summer.

Coronavirus passports, which the European Union is officially calling “Digital Green Certificates,” will allow citizens of Europe to enter Spain without having to quarantine or take a coronavirus test.

The document will come in the form of a free QR code, will be available by the end of June, and will allow for “more people” to arrive in the country “in a safer manner.

With much of the British population now vaccinated it could mean that thousands of British tourists could be heading to our shores shortly.


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Rick Daher / Hace 9 months

Indeed please keep testing anyone that comes to our islands until we ourselves have been vaccinated. Exposing local population prior to that is plain irresponsible and unacceptable. Think!!


Timbo / Hace 9 months

Well if you need a vaccine passport which I assume you must have on your person all the time, why don't we print vaccine passport masks which like the itv must be displayed at all times?


nigel / Hace 9 months

Covid passports, the joke and con of the new millennium. If there are doctors signing fake papers, then there will be an App to give you the QR code. Wake up.


Brian / Hace 9 months

Last time I checked British tourists weren’t European citizens.


Tom / Hace 9 months

Palma will be the next New Delhi if we allow thousands of daily hop on hop off cruise ship tourists and hundreds of thousands of tourists to be dumped on the island by greedy travel companies and airlines ....corporate greed will as usual prevail over common sense and national health here and in OCT we all will be back in lock downs took only 3 to 4 months for India to go from low Covid to carnage . Why ? Because the loosened and allowed mass gatherings too soon with no masks 😷. Same will happen here when hundreds of thousands are without masks on the beaches here in the summer .


Joan / Hace 9 months

Is this addressed to British tourists ? If it's news for us here it's the last thing we want to hear. If it happens it'll destroy the economy even worse and for longer than it has already...


John Law / Hace 9 months

Let's hope not until we're all vaccinated here, otherwise big problems for us...