The National Police investigated a Covid outbreak. | Policia Nacional

The 40-year-old arrested by the National Police in Manacor for having infected 22 people with coronavirus has appeared in court and been released on a charge of causing injury.

A National Police investigation was prompted by a Covid outbreak at a well-known establishment in Manacor. Other workers have said that he had come to work despite having symptoms of the virus, such as a cough and a high temperature. At one point, and while he was coughing, he is alleged to have lowered his mask and said: "I'm going to infect you all with coronavirus."

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He went to a health centre and had a PCR test, but then went to a gym and was back at work the next day. His fellow workers pleaded with him to go home. When he was informed that he was positive, there was panic among these other workers. Five of them tested positive and had spread the virus to family members, including a baby. At the gym, three people tested positive.

None of the 22 were seriously affected. The establishment had to close because of the outbreak.