Francina Armengol, president of the Balearics

President Armengol, speaking in parliament on Tuesday.

27-04-2021Teresa Ayuga

In parliament on Tuesday, the tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, defended the government's strategy so that the Balearics are included on the UK's green list of safe destinations and continue to be the preferred destination for German tourists.

The minister was responding to Marc Pérez-Ribas of Ciudadanos, who questioned whether the government has any strategy. He referred to the fact that the government was now looking for its "third director" of the Aetib tourism strategy agency and then asked Negueruela how he intends ensuring that the Balearics are on the UK's green list.

Negueruela said that the Balearic Islands are the only open destination in the Mediterranean and that he was working on positioning the islands as a destination for UK and German tourists at next month's Fitur (Madrid) travel and tourism fair. This will be "a great showcase".

Pérez-Ribas was critical of lack of strategy in terms of cruise, sports, cultural and gastronomy tourism.

Meanwhile, President Armengol stated that the current restrictive measures and slow de-escalation will allow an extension of the tourism season beyond autumn and up to Christmas. Like Negueruela, she defended government strategy - that of rigorous containment. "It is working." Once the entire vulnerable population is vaccinated in June, safe mobility will be reactivated.

Armengol was replying to Lina Pons of El Pi, who was of the view that the Balearics have the potential for longer tourism seasons but that diversification in this regard has not been achieved. The islands, she noted, cannot control the activity of tour operators, policy regarding flights or the weather.


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christopher dillon / Hace 9 months

No disrespect to the German population, but the German numbers of Covid are quite high, and the Spanish government risk losing the UK approval if they continue to allow countries with a high infection rate to travel to the Balearics, money over safety, think the Spanish Goverment needs to do more research and start being responsible, rather than responsive to economic issues, this decision (if it is one) is not good for the long term prosperity of the Balearics, "get it sorted out once and for all"


john / Hace 9 months

all very well saying i have a property and due to the incidence levels, will stay in Britain for the the time being. An elderly tennant in Portitxol, currently in hospital, had her flat broken into by the OKUPAS, who were not only moving in but also throwing out some of the old lady's furniture. Lucky the neighbours phoned the police and the daughter of the tennant. The police turned up to intervene and arrested two of the party. Later they were told by the judge they were wrong to intervene as the tennant was absent from the property FOR MORE THAN THIRTY DAYS. rent or own, these things take a long time to figure out in the Balearics, as we all know. Especially for foreigners.


christopher dillon / Hace 9 months

So the Balearic government think that by letting in almost 50000 German tourists over the Easter period is the right way to go (laughable) Germany has a very high level of infections and a very low level of vaccinated people, the Spanish need to look at the problem properly through THEIR OWN eyes not the EU directive that has been just rubbish, Spain will never get back on its feet if it continues to be ruled by Brussels, its about time the Spanish people understood that and voted out of the EU, look at the vaccine issue EU trying to prosecute Astra Zenica for failure to deliver a vaccine that the EU said they didn't want, it about time the Spanish Government started running Spain and not Brussels.


Tom / Hace 9 months

Armengol and co are bowing to economic pressure . The low numbers here wont prevail once the flood gates of tourisys are opened . Numbers will skyrocket and then as usual end Aug its bqck to restrictions leading to autumn lockdowns ... unless the indian covid variant is quicker cancelling all EU holiday plans .


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Or maybe just move heaven and earth to get your country vaccinated, rather than breaking Covid rules and going to late night bars???


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Strategy. The same as Greece in order to get into the EU, - lie about the data....


Pacco / Hace 9 months

Don’t get your hopes up as Majorca and the EU is months away from getting up to U.K. vaccination levels. Even those of us Brits that not only have had both vaccinations and have properties in Majorca will not be returning until 2022 as we don’t want to bring the virus back to the UK. So rather than be disappointed this year make sure Majorca is ready for next year instead.