The presentation of the campaign on Friday. | Jaume Morey

The campaign to relaunch Palma as a tourist destination was presented at the Palacio de Congresos on Friday.

Aimed primarily at the UK, German and Spanish markets, Mayor José Hila stressed the fact that Palma is a tourist city and the town hall "unequivocally" supports the sector that, with reactivation, will generate many jobs. He added that the tourism season will be possible thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of the citizens, businesses and hotel sector. "We are prepared for the economic reactivation." Palma's objective for this year is to recover at least 50% of the number of tourists in 2019.

The town hall has given the Palma 365 Foundation an additional 300,000 euros for the campaign, which has the slogan for Palma - "As close as it's always been, but closer than ever". It will be channelled through the main social networks and travel search engines. The aim is to generate as many visits as possible to website.

Palma's tourism councillor, Elena Navarro, said that since the start of the pandemic, the foundation has worked on the basis of the city once more being "a safe, friendly, open, cosmopolitan and sustainable destination".

Navarro drew attention to actions that have been undertaken in an "optimistic" way to deal with the new situation. Hila said that one of the most relevant projects to have been launched is the Safe Beaches app, which allows beachgoers to know capacities of beaches and the number of people on them at any one time.

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The manager of the Palma 365, Pedro Homar, outlined improvements that have been made to in order to increase visibility of Palma.