Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez

Vaccination not the only factor for decision-making.


Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez said on Monday that the curfew "is a good measure" for containing the virus and that it will be "positive" if it is maintained, as it is "easily controllable".

Nevertheless, the minister added that measures to be applied once the state of alarm ends will depend on the situation this week. "We need at all times to see which measures are most effective."

"We must be very cautious with the flexibility of measures," Gómez emphasised, noting that there were high levels of air and sea traffic during April and that social gatherings have been increasing because of better weather. However, and in an optimistic way, she said that "there are factors that invite normalisation in the medium term".

She admitted that "we would have liked to have reached a higher percentage of vaccination by now", stressing that concern about new strains, among other factors, requires the continuation of measures to contain the virus. "Slow de-escalation is our goal."

Gómez reiterated that the government is still working on the legal means for maintaining restrictions after the state of alarm. There are uncertainties regarding whether the Balearic government "can take certain measures or not". There are also discussions with Madrid about controls at ports and airports after May 9.

The minister pointed out that the number of people who are vaccinated is not the only indicator to be taken into account when lifting certain restrictions. Specific instances of Covid outbreaks suggest that there needs to be caution regarding an increase in the number of people for social gatherings.

As to the reopening of bar and restaurant interiors, Gómez stated the situation is being evaluated daily. New measures will be announced on Friday. "We are on the right track. With responsibility and caution, which I know can be difficult to maintain, we will have a better situation. We have to be concerned that people do not have to go to hospital and are as safe as possible."


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John Jones / Hace 9 months

The curfew is a disastrous measure and only a civil servant bent on exercising bent on exercising petty power that has been temporarily bestowed upon them would dream of considering "good". All the curfew does is force the people who want to do something do it in a shorter time time, all together, whereas no curfew means people can space out when they go out to accomplish what they need to. All the curfew does is cram people together because there is limited time to do whatever it is that they have to do. If 410,000 people have to shop every week (Palma's population) and they have limited time to do it in, then they are forced to crowd together to do it. Curfew has ZERO efficiency only inconvenience, hardship and increases crowding - but it make the civil servants happy because they control the population and feel important


Jason gidfrey / Hace 9 months

They may restrict night curfews but at the weekend the restaurants at lunch are as busy as ever .so what's the difference between day and night does covid become more contagious at night ?