Biel Company, leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics.

Biel Company, speaking on Friday.


The leader of the opposition Partido Popular in the Balearics, Biel Company, has demanded that President Armengol "stops limiting fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens".

At a Friday press conference, Company insisted that the curfew should be lifted once the state of alarm ends, that there should be uninterrupted opening of bars and restaurants until midnight and that there is "a clear and transparent calendar" for de-escalation measures.

The PP leader said that maintaining the curfew and the closure of interiors were "more political measures" than ones with a health basis. Other regional governments, whether governed by the PP or Armengol's PSOE and with a worse epidemiological situation than in the Balearics are nevertheless "balancing in a very clear way what is health and what is the economy". "Sra. Armengol is not doing this."

Company argued that there were no longer "sufficient justifications" for maintaining the very restrictive situation in the Balearics. Government decisions are political ones "made arbitrarily". This is why the PP are studying the judicial process - the ruling of the High Court - and the possibility of an appeal.


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sayhi / Hace 9 months

finally some opposition finally speaks? I do wonder if they are really doing this for the people or just to get some brownie points.. these people need to work for the ordinary people working people and small/medium businesses that have suffered. all politicians have been paid fully throughout this mess. time they gave back to the electorate.


Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

Hurray for the PP. If the government can go to court over something, so can "we". How is it possible that Armengol can make such decisions, if the central government ends the state of alarm. It is crazy. Get rid of that woman, fast and forever.