Playa de Muro | R.L.


I was asked the other day why the pines by the French beach in Alcudia had been roped off. Not having been there to take a look, I couldn't be certain, but I suggested that this was all about preventing gatherings of people - social distancing and all that.

The answer is as I had suggested. The town hall did in fact rope off some of the pine area last summer, and the local police were there to see that this was adhered to. The pines have long been just for shade or for groups to gather and have picnics. The same applies elsewhere along the bay, such as the forest in Playa de Muro.

This year, however, the roping-off has been extended. Essentially, there is now just a path through the pines, and local residents are not happy. Their argument is understandable. Why should everyone have to suffer because of a minority who can't observe the rules - groups of youths having a "botellón", for instance?

It is one of the unfortunate consequences of Covid. The town hall had actually stated before the start of the season that similar measures to last year's would be adopted.