The pandemic has just exacerbated the sense of abandonment. | Andrew Ede

The Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus in Puerto Alcudia was named after the engineer who was one of those behind the pre-Civil War residential and tourist development in Puerto Alcudia. This was the original exploitation of Albufera before the massive project for the City of Lakes was conceived in the first half of the 1960s.

The avenue has acquired various nicknames over the years. 'Dollar Street' is one of them. It refers to the old days of Alcudia tourism boom and to the creation of a "strip" that grew from what by the very end of the 1960s was just isolated development.

The glory days are those of the past. Neglect, all-inclusive; these have taken their toll. Because of the pandemic and the lack of tourists, little is open - a handful of bars and shops and the Colber supermarket. A homeless person has been residing in a covered area for weeks. The sense of abandonment has clearly been exacerbated by the pandemic, and businesses and residents are now gathering signatures to demand that the town hall comes up with a strategic plan for revitalisation.

Rafael Amengual is one of Pedro Mas y Reus's business owners. He speaks for many in saying that they feel abandoned by the authorities. The last major facelift of the zone was in 1993. "I can't think of another tourist area in Mallorca that hasn't improved since then."

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At last week's council meeting, two opposition parties - Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular - called on the administration of PSOE, El Pi and Més to act urgently. There has been one small response. A couple of workers have started to paint the rusted railings on the bridge over the canal that leads to the large lake - Lago Esperanza.

The councillor for public works, Martí Garcias, accepted that there were maintenance deficiencies and that urgent work will be undertaken. But businesses and residents are aware that a quick fix will not suffice. There have been fixes in the past.

What is needed and has been needed for years is a comprehensive plan, and it is one that should involve all stakeholders - residents, the owners of bars, restaurants and shops, and hotels.

This approach has been spoken of in recent years, but nothing has happened. Now, and with the impact of the pandemic having exposed ever more the decline of the glory days, it is essential that meaningful action is taken.