Catering Sector, Mallorca. | Ultima Hora

The Catering Sector has been virtually paralysed since November 2019, when the season ended.

Only 7% of planned events went ahead last year because of the coronavirus pandemic and 60% of bookings for this year have already been cancelled or postponed.

The Balearic Government and catering companies are now working on a protocol that would allow the Sector to get back to work, according to Jordi Calvache, President of the Association of Catering Companies of PIMEM.

Caterers are restricted to a maximum of 30 guests outside and 10 inside, even although hotels and restaurants are allowed to have a lot more.

“These are very few people, so the events that were booked have either been cancelled or postponed until next year," says Calvache.

PIMEM President, Jordi Mora raised the problems in the Catering Sector at the last Social Dialogue Table meeting on May 7 and will bring it up again at this week's meeting between the Government, employers, union representatives.

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"Opening measures have been achieved in other Sectors, but not in catering," said Mora, who pointed out that last year, when the health situation was much worse 150 people were allowed to attend events outside and 75 inside.


The Association has drawn up strict protocols and submitted them to the Government and “the intention is to collaborate and work together," says Calvache, who stressed that every day without specific regulations is another day that they’re losing customers.


IP Deputy, Lina Pons has registered a non-legislative proposal in Parliament to relax the Catering Sector restrictions and bring them in line with the ones for restaurants.

There are also calls for the Government to give catering companies permission to perform antigen tests before celebrations to ensure the safety of attendees and workers.