Balearic Islands stand at the Madrid Fitur tourism fair

The Balearics stand at Fitur.


President Armengol stated in Madrid on Thursday that health security is the key for the tourism season and that "we have reached the decisive moment, the reopening of tourism".

Speaking at a Fitur tourism fair breakfast press briefing, Armengol said that with low incidence of the virus in the Balearics, the next step is the recovery of air and sea transport and the gradual return to normality that has been "lost" because of the virus. The Balearics strategy is working, as the islands are among places with "the greatest security in the world". By contrast, competing destinations in the Mediterranean have incidence rates more than five times higher than the Balearics.

Airline estimates, she noted, are for similar numbers of routes and flights as summer 2019. The tourism season will be "good" and will last until the beginning of winter. This will mean "a lot of employment".

The Balearic government and the tourism industry, Armengol added, will continue to apply Covid protocols over the coming months, while the vaccination plan will "lead us to normality". She highlighted efforts made by Balearic society in preparing for the moment to reap the benefits. That moment, the new season, "has arrived".

The president pointed to the increasing number of weekly flights between Germany and the Balearics and emphasised that the objective is for a return to work of some 200,000 employees. She maintained that a new stage for tourism means that "tourism of excesses" will be left behind and that there will be more profitability, employment and sustainability. Now, she stressed, is not the time to think just about the short term, but to diversify the economy, so that it is not solely dependent on tourism.


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johnb / Hace 8 months

Like many People coming from the UK who haven't done their homework. Clearly Spain has said that unless your a resident here ( having properties here don't make you a resident) you will be having a very short holiday! I'm actually quite surprised that nobody in the UK seems to have realised this. So for now,we keep sending them back. Also it's Amber list at this moment and UK advising not to come. So they shouldn't have even tried anyway.


Robert Hepworth / Hace 8 months

Hello Just a quick note that I think should be published. I arrived in Palma this morning on an Easyjet flight. There were around 50 people on the flight. I would say ALL passengers that did not have residency were refused entry and sent back to UK on the same aircraft. I would also say all of the refused passengers had a reason to visit and I would also say all refused passengers had properties or boats on the Island. I think it was unreasonable for Easy Jet to carry us as I think they operated a flight to Palma earlier in the week which I guess would have had the same problem. We now have to quarantine for 10 days even though we did not enter the country.