Playa de Muro, Mallorca

Mallorca (Playa de Muro), still pretty quiet.

27-05-2021Andrew Ede

The director of the Aetib strategic tourism agency, Francesc Mateu, said on Thursday that "the Balearics will be the top Mediterranean destination for the main tourism markets" this summer.

Mateu was appearing before the Balearic parliament's tourism committee. He highlighted the results of the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid, which were "more than satisfactory" and which will contribute to "the Balearics being the destination it has always been".

"All the work being done by Aetib is to strengthen the positioning of the islands as the leading destination, and this work is bearing fruits." Activity lost during the pandemic will be recovered, something which can be observed from the increase in the number of bookings - 30% per week since April in the case of the German market.

"We have done our homework in terms of safety, protocols and health care. We are therefore ready for the arrival of tourists." Mateu admitted, however, that the whole season will hinge on what happens over the immediate coming weeks.


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Micheal M / Hace 6 months

Dream on Majorca. Most people in the UK have already booked there holidays for 2021 they are holidaying in the UK ..You can advertise celebrities on Majorca such as Joan Colllins breaking UK travel ban till your blue in the face it won't bring back the British this summer so its goodbye and adios to your British tourist till at least 2022 or maybe 2023 depends on how long this stupidity over a virus last .. world government and media have gone overboard to the point of frenzy mass hysteria and still doing so if your economy is in ruins its your own fault you reap what you sow ..


JohnJ / Hace 6 months

The Everley Brothers had a hit song years ago....

Dream,dream, dream..... dream dream dream

2022 is when tourism will happen in Armengol’s dream and not before


tom / Hace 6 months

Johns, unfortunately not. its my view that Boris and Armengol dont really care about health and some dead is just collateral damage for them as is coming out in the Cummings investigations . its business before anything else. the flood gates are open and basic common sense is being thrown by the Spanish government into the wind by allowing the strict PCR testing and checking to be dropped . its playing with fire and no doubt the governments will be burnt. lets hope they are gutsy enough to also step down when they need to re impose restrictions and possibly lock downs again. in Autumn when the Covid numbers here will rise again significantly for the sake of three months tourism madness .


John Law / Hace 6 months

We can only hope that Boris,- unlike Amengol, thinks more about his people's health, and a sustained economic recovery for the UK, and keeps Spain on the Amber, (should be Red) list.....