Police in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Some police wore riot gear, as efforts were made to disperse crowds.


On Saturday night, police sources estimated that between 7,000 and 10,000 people were out on the streets in Playa de Palma. There were illegal large street drinking parties and gatherings of people, predominantly tourists, in the area of Balneario 6 and Carrer Pare Bartomeu Salvà (aka Calle del Jamón or Schinkenstrasse).

Palma and National Police struggled to disperse the crowds, so great were the numbers. One officer said: "No one was wearing a mask and social distancing was not being observed. The closure of the bars has meant that all these young people are out on the streets to party. It's out of control. We cannot sanction them, as we would need 1,000 officers to do so."

By 1.30am, the police say, the numbers began to decrease.


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Gabriel / Hace 7 months

@Rich I normally don't feed the troll, but I'm gonna make an exception now. So, let me ask you a question: how exactly have you, personally, been controlled, with what purpose and with what results?


Rich / Hace 8 months

Well the tyranny is coming to an end, what else can be expected? The work must begin now to ensure we get back all our rights, this is the case all over the world. Governments have found it easy to control us , how quickly will they give us our lives back. I am particularly concerned about the scientists and doctors who have gained control over Governments, how long do these unelected 15mins of farmers wish to have their essentially dictatorial powers, they currently rule the world with rather dubious figures etc.


Rich / Hace 8 months

And what about Magaluf? The supposed hell-hole of Mallorca, it's not so bad afterall.


Lisa / Hace 8 months

This isn’t good. Crowds and no masks. A lots of pent up frustration.

Seriously guys - get vaccinations sorted ... or it will all end in tears.


tom / Hace 8 months

15 months of strict Covid rules for everyone here thrown out off the window within 2 week ends , after Government throws out all restrictions too quickly... why did we all even bother with these restrictions based on this....


sayNO / Hace 8 months

oh leave them alone and let people live their lives. Police are not here to control our lives but should concentrate on crime. everyone has had enough after more than one year of this madness. people together build stronger immune systems... this is always been proven. where are the human rights groups and lawyers to protect us from a authoritarian state?