Gatherings on the streets in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

The 'botellón' needs to be eradicated "once and for all".


The restaurants association within the CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations says that massive "botellón" street parties since the end of the curfew are "an insult to all citizens and workers and to their titanic efforts over the months".

While capacity and distance restrictions apply to bars and restaurants, there are huge gatherings of people on the streets, specifically in Playa de Palma, and there is no compliance with "any type of health regulation".

The association insists that the solution is "to eradicate the botellón once and for all". "These hundreds of young people gathering next to the beach are not vaccinated and can infect many people." They convey an image of a "total lack of health control in the Balearics". "We are outraged and, above all, very concerned."

"The authorities must prioritise actions so that the thirteen months of effort and personal sacrifice do not go to waste. It is necessary to totally eradicate the 'botellón', which is a serious health hazard, gives a very bad image of a quality tourism destination, and has a huge environmental and economic impact on the beaches - there are tonnes of plastic and rubbish."

At the same time as bars and restaurants are subject to restrictions, "right in front of our establishments, there are hundreds of young people who do not maintain social distance, who get drunk and who dirty our environment".


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James w / Hace 8 months

Treat people like children and they will act like children. This regional government were stupid and tyrannical in there behaviour. They set up a level system to then not abide by. Created negativaty for the last 15 months and gave nothing back to its citizens for behaving and basically eradicating covid in the Balearics. They got crazy with the power. Now its like letting a dog out after been locked in the house all day. The Canarian government have tackled this so much better. I can not wait to see the last of Armengol. Who even knew her name before all this?


John Law / Hace 8 months

Well surprise, surprise. Why would anyone imagine that people would act any different, and the Police sadly ineffective, no surprise there either... ...Get ready for lockdown 3 folks.