Condoms found at Estació Intermodal, Palma.

Condoms found at Estació Intermodal, Palma.

13-06-2021Ultima Hora

Four naked Spanish men were caught having sex at the Estació Intermodal in Palma at around 08:00 on Sunday morning.

The men were aged 20-25 and because they were adults, they were given a warning and sent on their way.

There’s been a spate of incidents at the Estació Intermodal recently.

A few days ago, some youths from Santa Maria were caught damaging train cars and disturbing other passengers and when it arrived in Palma the Police were waiting. One of the boys jumped onto the tracks and made a run for it, but was eventually arrested in Pont d’Inca.

In another incident, Security personnel threw some youths out of the Estació Intermodal for displaying anti-social behaviour. Once outside, one of them shot and injured a Security guard with an air pistol.

Spartan Union Reps have asked the train company to provide the Security Guards with a spray so that they can defend themselves.


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johnb / Hace 7 months

Plaza Espana has definitely got worse the last year. Sleeping camp sites and gangs everywhere. You can't even sit down in the square anymore to have a drink of water or sandwich without getting bothered. Bob's's grim!


Colin Allcars / Hace 7 months

Looking at the many recent reports it seems that Mallorca is rapidly descending into a crime ridden, filthy pit of violence, drugs and debauchery.

They can’t blame drunken Brits for any of this!


nigel / Hace 7 months

Around Placa Espana it seems to be, witnessed two kids (from inside a restaurant) defintely doing more than just kissing a few years back, so I do not suppose it has ceased!


Adam / Hace 7 months

Discusting degrading Behaviour !


Bert / Hace 7 months

Spray ? Surely something more substantial would be more advisable. Something like the thing Clint Eastwood used to carry around.


Britbabe / Hace 7 months

So having sex in a public place is acceptable ?????? Not to me it isn´t.


Bob Ivashkova / Hace 7 months