Holidays on hold.

Holidays on hold.

13-06-2021Kai Försterling

Holidays abroad are unlikely to come back in large numbers until August after Prime Miinister Boris Johnson delayed the final phase of ending lockdown, experts have told the British media.

Johnson dashed the hopes of lockdown-weary Brits with a much-anticipated extension of England’s lockdown restrictions, for four weeks up to July 19.

PC Agency's Paul Charles told the Daily Mirror that the threat of the Delta variant was likely to halt more destinations being added to the green list of countries where travel doesn't require a quarantine.


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Peter / Hace 7 months

Never mind what anybody else says, we're not prepared for tourism yet by a long way. And it should be us determining it. Only a quarter vaccinated, our contagion rate not reducing, and our Polica sadly inept in enforcing the rules, even amongst a few locals. We should have our own traffic lights, and it should be in Red until we're ready.


Jason / Hace 7 months

Unfortunately it will be highly surprising if tourists from the UK travel restriction free to Mallorca in August. Over 11k cases today, Prof Whitty confirmed rate of infection is doubling every 11 days now and this trend will continue for weeks ahead, resulting in more hospitalisations and sadly deaths.


Paul / Hace 7 months

@Lisa closing the door after the horse has bolted is futile if you have only one horse to worry about. There are currently more variants doing the rounds than anyone could guess. Some burn out before they take hold, others won’t.


Lisa / Hace 7 months

Actually the threat of the Delta variant is from the UK to the Balearics. The general coverage rather suggests that Boris’s Government is concerned about importing the variant - but it was his Government that failed to close the door on the variant from India for two long weeks.

Closing the stable after the horse has bolted does spring to mind. The Balearics isn’t the threat, it’s the UK that could spread this nasty variant across Europe.

The UK government does like to spin a story.


john / Hace 7 months

It's looking more like 2022 will be a fresh start. Way too much uncertainty this year. Purpose of a holiday is to get away from normal life and routine and really relax and enjoy. It's becoming impossible to look forward to that.


Stan / Hace 7 months

In view of the delays to Travel and Holidays. Could the Season be extended to Christmas and the New Year Celebrations?