Presentation of the campaign in Palma on Tuesday. | Govern de les Illes Balears


The Balearic government and the national tourism agency Turespaña are to undertake a three-week campaign to promote the Balearics as a safe tourist destination.

The campaign has a budget of 300,000 euros, half of this coming from the government's Aetib tourism strategy agency and the other half from Turespaña. It will promote sun and beach tourism to families and couples from the main European markets - the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

It is within the framework of the 'You Deserve Spain' campaign that Turespaña launched in May and is therefore entitled 'You Deserve the Balearic Islands'. Ninety per cent of the campaign will be digital. Turespaña also plans insertions in UK and German papers. Videos and images on social media as well as print images will emphasise that people need to take a holiday in the Balearics after the harshness of the pandemic.

In presenting the campaign on Tuesday, tourism minister Iago Negueruela highlighted efforts that have made the Balearics "the safest destination in the Mediterranean" and the one that is recovering the most foreign tourists.

The director general of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz, said that tourism recovery in the Balearics means "recovery for Spain". He emphasised the need for regional governments to work with the Spanish government on intensifying this recovery and making it happen "as soon as possible".

Regarding the uncertainty surrounding the UK market, Sanz observed that the Balearics will have "a solid, stable and intense recovery with or without the United Kingdom". Given the epidemiological situation in the UK and a possible green-listing for Spain, Sanz added that the national ministry of health "will assess risks and make the appropriate decisions".

Negueruela said that the UK "knows fully well" what the situation is in the Balearics, as all the data are being provided. He preferred not to speculate about UK travel policy decisions, stressing that the government is continuing to work "in parallel" with other tourism markets. "The Balearics have done their work over recent months. We are open and we are the leading destination in the Mediterranean. It's up to individual countries to decide."