Students outside a Covid Hotel in Palma. | Pere Bota

Vaccination of the 16-29 age group begins today in the Balearic and not before time.

The number of young people in Mallorca diagnosed with coronavirus has skyrocketed to 229 cases in the last 14 days, according to the Ministry of Health and the Government has is calling for caution as infections in the 16-29 age group soar.

"Young people who are not vaccinated, are the ones who are becoming infected" in the Balearic Islands,” said Dr Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the Autonomous Committee for Infectious Diseases. He also urged young people to be very cautious and avoid situations where there’s a risk of infection in order to prevent an increase in cases in older people.

The increase in cases amongst young people in Mallorca and Minorca is being blamed on the recent macro-outbreak amongst students on study trips and on the Sant Joan celebrations.

14 of the 249 students isolated in a Covid Hotel in Mallorca have tested positive for coronavirus and a social outbreak in Minorca has affected 24 people aged 16-18 years old.

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“In addition to being infected with Covid, young people also have pathologies and this population also has a greater probability of an inappropriate evolution," said Dr Arranz.

The cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 in 14 days has increased from less than 50 to 76.5: 73.9 in Mallorca; 95.5 in Ibiza; 66.9 in Minorca, and 109.2 in Formentera.

Despite the Covid outbreak amongst the students, specialists stress that they’re not solely to blame for the increase in the accumulated incidence rate.

"We have to see how these numbers behave in the coming days as we take control of these outbreaks," said Dr Arranz who also pointed out that the cumulative incidence rate in the Balearic Islands will decrease rapidly if the outbreaks are well controlled.

The Ministry of Health has reported 202 new coronavirus infections in the Balearic Islands on Monday, well above the average 100 recorded in recent days.

Those aged 16-29 can book vaccine appointments via the BitCita website at: