Spanish students leave the 'Covid hotel' in Palma, Mallorca

Cases among Spanish students have contributed to the rising incidence.

01-07-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

Today's spike in Covid cases has set alarm bells ringing. 304 new cases in 24 hours and the highest spikes in Minorca and Mallorca since mid-February are causing serious concern, according to the health service.

106.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants are well above the WHO and EU levels, and a leading expert in public health and preventative medicine, Joan Carles March, has warned that the islands are at medium risk but could move to high risk if case rates do not start easing over the coming days.

This is the last thing the Balearics need, having been put on the UK green watch list.

President Francina Armengol told national TV tonight that everybody is welcome in the Balearics providing they abide by the rules. If people intend to come and break the rules, they are not welcome because the people of the Balearics have suffered enough and have worked extremely hard so that everyone who visits the island can enjoy their holidays.


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Tom / Hace 7 months

This open door come as many as you like no restrictions no public control policy by Armengol will led to her political end eventually . Shame about the many deaths it has and will cause on her watch as she put economics before public safety and health ! . A limited controlled approach to restarting tourism would have worked a lot better and be a much more balanced safer approach . Unfortunately economic greed and pushing by some Ceo s has caused the Government here to fail on Covid . With current Covid numbers yesterday it is not safe here by WHO standards ! . Full stop .


Virginie / Hace 7 months

The problem is not that people break the rules, the problem is not requiring testing to come to the island. How many times are we going to go backward.


Colin Allcars / Hace 7 months

The policies of the past few weeks look more and more like a deliberate attempt to destroy the the hard work and sacrifice of (most) Balearic residents that have achieved ‘green light’ status.

It is typically envious of a communist government to despise the ‘elitism’ that the Balearics have achieved, and it is equally typical for them to wipe out any progress not made as a result of communist policies.


John / Hace 7 months

Eventually we will realise that restrictions just keep delaying the inevitable. Portugal and Mallorca who had tough winter lockdowns to save the summer are now seeing this. Just at a time when they don’t need it. The most we can do is vaccinate and get on with it now.