Passport control line in Palma airport

Passport control line in Palma airport

02-07-2021Facebook: Carole Smith

Over 100 flights are going to be arriving from the United Kingdom this weekend in Palma but it appears that despite all the warnings from the Majorcan Hoteliers Association, extra border control staff have not been deployed to handle the influx of British tourists.

This picture was sent to the Bulletin earlier this morning showing extremely long queues and the number of flights arriving is only going to increase over the coming hours and days.

So, sadly be prepared for a long wait on arrival.


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JohnnyP / Hace 4 months

All this time begging for tourists to be allowed????? What world does this make any sense??


John Prescott / Hace 4 months

Pictures and stories like this are a prime factor for not booking anywhere in Mallorca this year. If you want our business please get your house in order.


Roger / Hace 4 months

The Balearic government will be happy to count the number of arrivals irrespective of how anyone gets treated, or how long they have to wait, on arrival. Acknowledging that UK residents cannot expect the same level of 'no checks and balances' when they were part of he EU (but some do), it is a clear example of the inefficiency of the public system and processes.


Gazzaputt / Hace 4 months

One of the reasons we won’t be travelling over this year. Last year was bad but the warnings have been it’ll be far worse this year travelling both ways.

Let’s hope sense and normality returns in 2022 but I won’t hold my breath.


john / Hace 4 months

Whoever took the picture shouldn't be complaining. They are traveling during a pandemic, and the wise are sensibly holidaying at home this year. Did they expect no queue at Palma airport in July!!


JohnnyP / Hace 4 months

All these months of trying to open up the Life blood that is tourism and Border control haven't enough staff at passport control? Did no one tell them how many flights would be arriving?? You couldn't make this up....or maybe you could!!!!