Last weekend with the obligation to wear the mask

Ostia (roma) (Italy), 26/06/2021.- People relax and enjoy a sunny day at the beach, in Ostia, near Rome, Italy, 26 June 2021. From 28 June all the country will be considered as a 'white zone' with no mask obligation outdoors and with only one rule to maintain a social distance and avoid crowds. (Italia, Roma) EFE/EPA/EMANUELE VALERI Last weekend with the obligation to wear the mask


The Balearic tourist industry was braced for a wave of holiday cancellations this morning after the islands were placed on Britain´s travel amber list which will mean that tourists who have not received both coronavirus jabs will have to quarantine on their return home.

The move, announced last night, comes just days after Germany warned their tourists not to go on holiday to Spain because of the rise of the number of coronavirus cases in the country.

It is still unclear how the holiday market will react to the news but the local tourist industry is braced for the worst.


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John / Hace 5 months

This is an exact copy of last summer. Cases high and everything was closed down. Now not everyone is vaccinated in time, and the same problems again. The government has learned nothing.


Tom / Hace 5 months

Amber is only the beginning. In a few weeks the Balearics will be on red list ! Because nothing is being done to restrict the spreads effectively ! Not allowing a few bottle shops to sell alcohol after 22.30 is not a pandemic response measure but just populism to distract from the real issues at hand namely that some restrictions needs to be implemented such as masks 😷, curfews after midnight , etc to counter the spread . None of which Armengol has done as she is the lap dancer of the cruise hotel airline industries and would not dare ! For sure worse is to come as amber is only the beginning if no real restrictions are put in place at once .


Ga / Hace 5 months

@Tomeu. Stop defending the administration, the waters in Pollença bay are continually being polluted by sewage, with independent analysis showing 16x the legal limit for bathing during the summer of 2020. The Mayor tries to blame the yachts, a group of residents trying to push for action has been overrun with business owners intent on keeping this quiet, so as not to “scare the tourists”, crazy. The beaches are the lifeblood of Pollença


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 5 months

Predictable and inevitable of course. Boris should not have turned to green listening to the Spanish politicians. The reality is that to beat the virus there should not be any tourism anywhere until we are all vaccinated. In the meantime, ERTE (Furlough) for all taxpayers. Then we could start living with the virus with less risk and move forward with our economies. Otherwise we'll continue with the confusion, uncertainty and "bread today, hunger for tomorrow" ...


Joan / Hace 5 months

@Barbara Steffensen. What has being double-jabbed got to do with anything ? Do you still not realise that the vaccination has nothing to do with you catching and spreading the virus ? Why do you think that you still have to wear masks in certain places, and be testsd on your return home ?


Tomeu / Hace 5 months

@Colin, as you should know the problem with sewers in Port de Pollença is not an easy isue to solve. Our administration is looking for solve it as soon as possible. You must take in account that in Port de Pollença are living more people than tourists and visitors.


Steven / Hace 5 months

If you're under 18, or vaccinated, then Amber is the same as Green now. FCO advise doesn't recommend no travel either, so your insurance is still valid.


Colin / Hace 5 months

I am glad I am not the only one blocked by MDB. I have been campaigning for years to get the sewers in Port de Pollenca improved. Tourists unable to come due to COVID-19 may well be better off going somewhere else that cares about the health of its visitors. This rhetoric does not sit well with MDB but unless we keep raising it, the politicos will make out it doesn’t exist.


Barbara Steffensen / Hace 5 months

I am still going to Mallorca in a coule of weeks. I've been double jabed and so have most Brits so there's no need to cancel.


Lisa / Hace 5 months

It is somewhat ironic that the UK has the worst figures in Europe, yet they’ve put the Balearic Islands on Amber.

That said, it’s incredibly frustrating that the Government here appeared to take the highly valuable ‘green’ status for granted and simply allowed it to slip away. They’ve put the economy and people’s livelihoods at risk.

The President takes zero responsibility for this, yet she knew students come to the islands on mass every year and did nothing to stop it.

Then the police felt unable to break up the giant street parties, as they were overwhelmed.

In short - nothing was done to guard the precise green status and to protect the island from a new wave of Covid - destroying lives and the economy.