Cheaper shopping.

Britons can fly to Spain and shop at a discount thanks to an agreement signed between El Corte Ingles and the IAG Group (British Airways and Iberia).

The airline giant will be offering discounted air fares to Spain for shoppers while El Corte Ingles will be pushing the joys of tax -free shopping.

Since Britain left the European Union , British tourists can reclaim the VAT on all articles they purchase. El Corte Ingles branches in Majorca have already started to advertise this discounted scheme with large signs placed at the entrance of their main stores.

The move could mean that the Balearics becomes a discounted shopping destination for British holiday makers. El Corte Ingles will even offer British tourists a 10 percent gift voucher if they take advantage of the tax-free promotion. Shop sales across Spain have fallen dramatically since the Covid pandemic.