Fruit & Veg supply truck in central Palma. | Pere Bota

The Association of Food, Beverage and Cleaning Distribution Companies, or ADED is threatening to stop supplying goods to central Palma, indefinitely, because Palma City Council has refused to solve the problem of restricted traffic areas or ACIRE.

The distribution companies say they’ll stop delivering products to Plaça del Mercat, Carrer de la Unió and Plaça Rei de Juan Carlos I, because of the "lack of will" to solve loading and unloading problems in the area.

ADED has called on Palma City Council to allow distribution companies to park in Plaça del Mercat and Carrer de la Unió at agreed times to unload supplies for establishments in the area.

It has also asked Cort to monitor the loading bays which it claims are often occupied by private vehicles, which makes life much more difficult for the distribution companies.

ADED President, Bartolomé Severa, has criticised Mobility Councillor, Xisco Dalmau, for failing to find a solution to the problem and has asked Mayor, Jose Hila to “take the reins of this crisis."

“The most important thing is the occupational health of the workers,” said Servera, “many of them have to leave their trucks a long way from the delivery point, then push a wheelbarrow loaded with heavy products in suffocating heat.”

ADED acknowledged that suspending supplies in this area of Palma is not ideal, because it harms customers, but claims it has no choice because the Council has refused to negotiate an agreement or discuss the issue.