Balearic President, Francina Armengol & other delegates at the XXIV Conference of Presidents of Autonomous Communities.

Balearic President, Francina Armengol & other delegates at the XXIV Conference of Presidents of Autonomous Communities.


The President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, has demanded that Central Government sanction the Covid Certificate for use at a range of activities in Autonomous Communities

She tabled her demands at the XXIV Conference of Presidents of Autonomous Communities in Madrid and told delegates that making the certificate mandatory would help to persuade young people to get vaccinated and guarantee safety at social and economic activities.

Thousands of tourists come to the Balearic Islands on holiday every year and President Armengol insists that making the Covid passport necessary for entry to some places makes sense.

"Now is the time to take the step that other countries are taking and use this certificate to guarantee the safe and complete reactivation of all activities and promote vaccination, especially amongst younger people,” she said.

President Armengol pointed out that the Balearic Islands needs the Central Government to take three courses of action; invest in basic services such as water purification and access to public housing; guarantee resources to meet public services demands and commit to investing in diversification, through the European Next Generation and other funds.

President Armengol also outlined the population increase in the Balearic Islands in recent years.

“Since the beginning of the century, our population has grown by 39% on average, which is more than double the state average and has almost doubled in Formentera and Ibiza, she said.”

Balearic President, Francina Armengol & other delegates at the XXIV Conference of Presidents of Autonomous Communities.


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James w / Hace 6 months

Cheers Mark. Keep doing what your told like a good little boy. You might feel freedom now!


Mark Badoer / Hace 6 months

@jamesw: do what you like and take whoever you want to court and congrats on your forthcoming court case win! Meanwhile, I just get on with travelling, having access to everything and generally not worrying much about anything. Good luck!


James w / Hace 6 months

@mark. If this was just about the hospitals they would of stopped pushing the experimental vaccine at the elderly and vulnerable. Sorry I do not consent! I have my own mind. I'm sure you would think differently if you'd have done your research.


James w / Hace 6 months

I for one and my family have decided we just don't want this experimental vaccine and I know so many more people who think exactly the same. We are very strong minded and I imagine have done abit of research on all of this nonsense. Probably don't trust politicians with your health and believe the mainstream media are controlled by the state. So no amount of coercion in the world will change there minds, as we have our own minds. I have already started researching human rights lawyers in Spain. Because when they try this tyranny on me and my civil liberties I will be taking them to court and winning. They are starting to take the piss!


alex / Hace 6 months

Article 13 of the universal declaration of human rights is freedom of movement. this doesn't sound like freedom. "show me your papers" said the Germans the Russians and now the Mallorcans.


Terry Cooper / Hace 6 months

We'll be cancelling our two Majorcan holidays for 2022 if vaccines are compulsory which is a shame as we love the island.


Mark Badoer / Hace 6 months

Dear Rich and James w, as you know I was not much in favour of vaccination either. But, I saw this one coming, so I did. And hurray, I travelled to the Netherlands and Greece without any issues, due to my Covid Passport. But, the point of the vaccination is NOT to stop the virus, as they know it will not stop nor cure it. The vaccination is to grately slow down the effect of the virus on the average citizen, thus releasing pressure of the health system. That is near enough the ONLY reason this vaccination has been put into circulation. It is not a miracle cure. And you are right: you can still get infected and spread the virus. But, with the vaccination it has become merely a flu like thing, rather than a potentially deadly thing. So, yes, let´s all vaccinate and get on with our lives a.s.a.p.


Juan love / Hace 6 months

Good god people, it is not rocket Science.

Nothing will eliminate the chances of catching Covid, but the vaccine drastically reduced the chances.

It isn't that hard to understand.


Ana Lopez Gonzalez / Hace 6 months

I completely agree with you @jamesW - this is starting to look like nazi Germany.


Rich / Hace 6 months

And you get a certificate when you've had the vaccine thats been proven not to stop you getting infected and becoming a spreader in an increasing number of cases? We're turning into a 'if you don't do this then you can't do that'. On the slippery slope if you ask me.