Murals in Soller Mallorca destroyed by graffiti

The murals were not the only target.

30-07-2021Lluc Garcia

Soller police and the Guardia Civil have located the person responsible for vandalising murals on a wall in the Plaça Teixidores.

The graffiti was discovered on Friday morning. The murals were created in summer 2020 by the artist Natalie Spitale. Their intention was to spruce up the area and to send out a positive message to tourists. Previous graffiti on the same wall was erased, the town hall administration having described that as "tourismphobic".

The murals weren't the only target. Also affected by the graffiti vandalism were rubbish containers, a playground, a bus shelter and the offices of the municipal water company. The town hall has strongly condemned the vandalism.


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Ricky / Hace 6 months

Having moved from Mallorca 4 months ago, from my POV Franco is totally correct. After 20 years, I have moved to the REAL Spanish paradise on the peninsular down South, in the campo. Should have done it years ago. Jason, you should print this as a wake up call to Armengol et al, because you are not only losing tourists, you are losing foreign residents. My new life here includes very friendly people, better weather, lower prices, a relaxed environment. I could go on. No more dirty beaches, yobs or nouveau riche idiots, traffic, increasing crime…best decision I have ever made. Sorry guys, Mallorca is on a downward spiral…


Eric / Hace 6 months

The only measure that has ever worked against graffiti, is to clean it up at once. As many people are unemployed, the city should employ them in clean up squads. Probably cost neutral, and would give the unemployment something to do.


James w / Hace 6 months

@Franco. Not if there in private education. If that's the only downside to Mallorca then I know where I'd rather be .


Andy / Hace 6 months

In addition to graffiti, Spanish youths also throw litter everywhere and for some reason think its ok to defecate in parks/woodland/beaches etc. In my experience they are the worst in Europe for not treating the environment with respect.


Franco / Hace 6 months

James with his rose tinted specs on again. Majorca really gone down hill in last two years, glad my children didn’t grow up in Majorca with very poor standards of education on the island.


Juan love / Hace 6 months

This is a huge problem all over Spain, and these people need to be made an example of. It is detrimental to a city, property its inhabitants, tourism etc. and causes permanent damage for just a few seconds of fun for the bored little wasters who do it.


James w / Hace 6 months

I've lived in Mallorca 18 years and don't like the graffiti either. But the youth have respect for there elders have family values and are not stabbing and shooting each other while high on crack. So if a little bit of spliff and graffiti goes on. I'd prefer my children to be growing up here any day of the week over the divisive pisshole of a place the UK has become.


Roger / Hace 6 months

This sort is vandalism is disgusting and massively detracts from Mallorca as a premium tourist destination...and it is a similarly massive problem all over the island....yet the current government appears to regard this type of vandalism as acceptable - it must because it does nothing to address it...hard to believe but true.


Franco / Hace 6 months

Majorca looking rubbish for some time now. Make an example off graffiti painting prison sentence and large fine plus clean their mess.


Colin Allcars / Hace 6 months

Fine them heavily, make them repair the damage done by this environmental crime across the island, and electrically tag them with a curfew between the hours of dusk and dawn for 12 months.

Any breaches or repeat offences? Five years in prison.