Police breaking up illegal drinking parties in Palma.

Police breaking up illegal drinking parties in Palma.

03-08-2021I. Ramirez

Narcotics Officers and Palma Local Police have carried out the biggest drug bust in the history of the Island.

Two people were arrested during the operation and Police say one of them is linked to the DJ world in Ibiza.

21,370 MDMA pills 3 and a half kilos of speed, 3 and a half kilos of glass, 2 kilos of CB or pink cocaine, more than 1 kilo of ketamine were confiscated during the raids, along with hashish and 5 kilos of cutting and adulterating substances.

The drug haul is worth more than 850,000 euros on the black market.

An investigation was launched a few months ago after National Police Officers in Manacor found a huge stash of designer drugs.

National Police Officers have been tracking illegal drinking parties through social media for some time and say a popular drug known as ‘Fanta Naranja’ or ‘Orange Fanta’ was being sold for around 20 euros each. The drug is actually MDMA and can be fatal.

According to Investigators, members of a recently disbanded criminal organisation from Palma distributed the drugs at illegal parties in Inca, Palma, Llucmajor, Manacor and other Municipalities in Mallorca. The dealers were also in control of the supply of designer drugs at private parties in Ibiza.

Increased consumption

Drug Squad Officers warn that there’s been a significant increase in the consumption of ‘Fanta Naranja’ amongst young people in Mallorca.

"When people who use this drug and don’t control the amount they take, it can cause collapse,” they said. “A few years ago, a 19-year-old girl collapsed and died at a well-known festival in Palma after taking it.”


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Majorca fan / Hace 6 months

MDMA Last September when the two universities reopened in my city. The first Saturday 5 young people died of this very dangerous drug. The dealers are local and national a gang of Balkan runner we’re stopped with £80k in cash in shopping bag leaving the area after a good weekend sales. The demand is driven by affluent mainly young chancers who rink their lives and tempt impressionable naive young into very risky behaviour.