Balearic Nightlife Sector. | J. Barceló


The National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs, or Spain At Night, is calling for the Ministry of Health to legally authorise the EU Digital Health Certificate for use at leisure venues, but it also insists that it allows for the recovery of activity with 100% capacity and that people be allowed to dance.

The Federation insists that if this is not the case, these spaces will continue to work at a loss as restaurants and points out that providing legal certainty for the EU health certificate also involves approving official certificates for the results of self-testing antigen kits.

Employers are demanding rigorous criteria from the Autonomous communities when making decisions about its implementation, saying it cannot be a barrier that eternally condemns workers and leisure venues and the closure or limitation of their activity, with unviable schedules and limitations that make it impossible to break even.

The Federation has urged the Central Government to reactivate the Sector, which has been closed for a year, with severe limitations and the reactivation of only around 9,500 SMEs.

Spain At Night claim the increase in youth infections in recent weeks was the result of Central and Regional Government mismanagement and incompetence when the curfew ended and it's demanding that the Government take a giant step forward to initiate economic recovery in the Leisure Sector.