Tourists in Magalluf, Mallorca

Occupancy levels are much like they are in other parts of Mallorca.


In Magalluf and Palmanova and in other resorts in Calvia, there is uncertainty as to tourism for the rest of the month. Hoteliers in the Palmanova-Magalluf association can't predict what occupancy might be in a week's time, let alone in September and October. Announcements by the UK and German governments in recent days may have been welcomed by the tourism industry and may also have offered some certainty, but constant speculation about possible new restrictions appears to only be discouraging the holiday market.

At a Friday meeting of the hoteliers association, there was general agreement that reaching the end of August with an average occupancy of 65% will be "a success". There are price reductions, but hoteliers at the same time don't wish to "devalue" their product. At some hotels there are offers for island residents, something previously unheard of. The response has been "very good" but is nothing like enough to cover the missing foreign tourists.

Occupancy levels are said to range from just 50% to almost 100% in one instance (albeit this takes some believing), but some 30% of hotel places have not been made available. The association says that rather than opening more establishments, hoteliers are considering closing them.


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Tom / Hace 6 months

Meanwhile … covid rages worldwide with numbers up everywhere globally , half the Med is on fire , half northern Europe is being gradually flooded and as usual all the Hotel Association worries about is hotel occupancy rates .. if covid cannot get them to rethink then the next crisis called water shortage will as higher and higher temperatures around the med each year will cause severe draughts .. maybe finally that will reduce the never ending push for more more more tourists that the eco system on the island cannot handle .


Peter / Hace 6 months

Yes, and largely thanks to the hoteliers pushing Armengol to get tourists here, even without tests, there's a lot of people in hospital beds facing uncertainty too....


Lisa / Hace 6 months

This story is very much in line with with what I’m hearing. A friend in a usually popular small hotel recently reported just 16 per cent occupancy. They plan to close - they won’t get to September.

It’s a worrying situation for many, not just hoteliers, but for seasonal workers who usually rely on summer jobs to ensure their paro in the winter.

Tough times ahead I suspect.