The cruise ship Costa Smeralda visits Palma with over 6,000 passengers. | R.L.

One of the world´s biggest cruise ships docked in Palma this morning just 24 hours after a visit by Harmony of the Seas which is also in the record books thanks to its size.

Costa Smeralda weighs in at 180,000 tons (three times the size of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth) and is the fifth biggest in the world. She os operated by Costa Cruises which itself is owned by the Anglo/American giant Carnival cruises.

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The Costa Smeralda can accomodate 6,000 passengers and has a crew of 1,700.

The giant cruise ship Harmony of the Seas during a visit in Palma

Vessels of this size caused some controversty before the pandemic and there were moves to curb their visits to Palma.