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Agrotourism establishments in Mallorca and the Balearics hope that the season will extend into November, so long as "things don't get worse".

Miguel Artigues, the president of the ABATI association for Balearic agrotourism and interior tourism, says that reservations this summer have typically been last-minute. In this regard, and also in terms of occupancy, the agrotourism season has been much like that for the regular hotel trade. Occupancy in August, he notes, has been averaging around 65%, as it has been for Mallorca's hotels. But performance was better in July - up to 80%, and the hotels have been unable to claim this as an average this summer.

Because of all the last-minute booking, Artigues explains that it's difficult to know what the autumn will be like. All agrotourism establishments are open and are hopeful that there will still be activity in November. This hope is in line with the Balearic government. Statements from President Armengol and the tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, have referred to the season being extended, even into December and up to Christmas.

The biggest market for agrotourism in Mallorca, as it is for all tourism, is Germany. But there has been an increase in the Spanish market - 20% higher than before the pandemic. As with holiday rental accommodation, agrotourism has an advantage for the current Covid environment in that holidaymakers can keep away from crowded situations.

Artigues is critical of the help given to agrotourism by town halls. They have shown "little empathy" when there have been calls for reducing municipal taxes. Other authorities "have made gestures but could be doing more".