The death of Carlo Heuvelman caused a great deal of shock in the Netherlands.

Four of six people arrested for the death of Carlo Heuvelman, the Dutch tourist who was fatally beaten in Playa de Palma in July, have been formally charged with the crime and face prosecution for the Dutch equivalent of what is reckless homicide in Spain.

The prosecutor and judge investigating the case in the Netherlands do not consider that the rest of the gang of youths have a direct relationship with Carlo's death, although they were present when the events occurred. Thirteen young Dutch men, aged between 18 and 20, came to Mallorca. Most of them from wealthy families, they rented a luxury villa in Arenal.

After the fatal beating, they fled Mallorca. Over the following weeks, six were arrested for their direct participation. The latest to be arrested has been named as Lukas O., a student in Hilversum like most of those implicated. The defendants have been released pending trial.

Investigators maintain that the gang did not intend killing their compatriot. Penalties for violent crimes can be less harsh in the Netherlands than in Spain, which is why those who have been charged - who have hired prestigious lawyers - want the trial to take place in their country.

The death of Carlo, who was 27, caused a great deal of shock in the Netherlands, especially as attackers were also Dutch and attacked him without any reason or provocation.