Overcrowding at the airport at the weekend.

I am Writing due to the chaos and overcrowding at Mallorca Airport.

Mallorca is promoted as a ”safe” destination. But on several occasions this summer there has been articles in in your paper about overcrowding at the Airport. And the problem is still there, even though we are at the end of the season?

The Airport management should stand responsible and answer to you in an article (What they are doing to improve the Situation, and also to the Balearic government). The airport management are getting away with a simple: we are working on it, and nothing happens.

The airport is the eye of the needle everyone must pass. If this isn't safe the rest of the efforts on the Island, from hotels etc doesn't matter. And The problem is obviously still there.

Mallorca airport has won an award for being a safe airport, this must be a joke!? The slogan for Mallorca airport should be: If you don’t have covid you will get at the Airport.

Now with the new delta version of the virus, the virus is still spreading even if you have had two shots. Some compare the contagiousness to be almost the same as the measels (If you just are in the same room you can Get infected). And here you have all these people standing together.

It doesn’t matter if you have a covid pass, people with antigen tests etc. In the crowd there will be people who are contagious (If don't have had your shots you are in a real danger zone). And you as a passenger doesn’t have any chance to self distance because you have to go through passport security and covid Controls with everyone else, all in the same place.

1 of 35 returning from Spain to the UK is infected, almost 3%, and they test positive within 10 days from coming home. Incubation time for the virous 2-14 days. Spot on.

Why on on Earth are they directing all people to the same Place?? (Stuck in an old pattern, it is at the border you check security.)

Why can’t people be checked at the gate, when deboarding, every gate has the infrastructure. All passengers are checked at the gate getting on a plane, why can’t it be the same when you get of the plane? There must time to do this while the plane is turned around?

Just a thought?

Name and address supplied